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Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven - Empava PG06

by Empava

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Lock up over 90% of fruit/vegetable nutrients

Cook the healthiest pizza

Compared to conventional pizza ovens, which can only heat up to 500℉, our pizza oven surpasses this limit by reaching up to 800℉- the obligatory temperature for authentic Italian-style pizzas. Additionally, it significantly reduces cooking time from 15 minutes to just 90 seconds, resulting in not only a crispier crust from reduced water absorption but also helps retain the most nutritional value of fruits and vegetables, which presents not only the most edible pizzas but also the healthiest ones. Choose us for health!

Barely heat escapes away

Three-side thicker insulation

The exceptional heat retention capability of our oven is attributed to its two-layer thicker dome design, thicker cook surface, and an additional layer of brick tile over the cooking surface, which allows for efficient utilization of heat to minimize wood consumption. Moreover, besides pizzas, you can also prepare effortlessly grill, roast, broil, smoke, or barbecue various outdoor dishes - all in one convenient oven! It's never been easier to host a flawless banquet!

High resistance against constant 800℉

Reinforced stainless steel material

To combat wear caused by constant exposure to high temperatures, we have carefully selected stronger stainless steel that maintains its shape and strength even after enduring four to five years of intense 800℉ heat corrosion. Furthermore, we have incorporated an extra layer of insulation within interlayers along with a thermal-protective coating on the exterior surfaces to prevent accidental burns during cooking.


Warranty 2 Years
Fuel Type Wood Fuel
Cooking Zone 25.1"x29.5"
Pizza Size ≤16"
Heating Time 5 Minutes
Package Net Weight 62kg
Material Stainless Steel #430
Wooden Frame Size 35"×35"×27.26"(W*D*H)
Product Dimensions 38.6"×31"×78.8"(W*D*H)
Additional Features Chimney, built-in temperature gauge, drawer, bottom shelf.
Accessories Hook, cutter, scraper, brush, shovel, firebrick, chimney handle, door handle.
Package List 1 x Empava Pizza oven,1 x pizza spatula,1 x pizza cutter,1 x pizza shovel,1 x pizza brush,4 x hooks and 1 x manual.

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