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Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven - Empava PG01

by Empava

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Oxygen control valve on the chimney

Fire and smoke suppression system

We put an oxygen control valve on the chimney to allow for flexible adjustment of oxygen content in the oven, which enables precise regulation of both fire and smoke levels. Besides, we also put a temperature gauge on the oven to provide instant heat status updates. Vintage cooking meets modern functionality, all for the best cuisine outcome.

Barely heat escapes away

Three-side thicker insulation
The exceptional heat retention capability of our oven is attributed to its two-layer thicker dome design, thicker cook surface, and an additional layer of brick tile over the cooking surface, which allows for efficient utilization of heat to minimize wood consumption. Surprisingly, its brick cooking surface can even reflect sunlight into the oven to add up the heat. Now you know where you should put it.

25 minutes preheat, 90 seconds cooking

Genuine replication of brick oven

With the aim of creating an authentic Italian pizza, we have replicated the traditional brick oven experience in our pizza oven by incorporating a thicker dome and cook surface with brick tiles, to achieve a rapid preheating time of 25 minutes and a cooking duration of just 90 seconds at temperatures reaching up to 800℉, which ensures that our pizzas have the crispiest crusts while preserving the most nutritional value of fruits and vegetables, all while minimizing wood consumption.

For camping, for trailer, for backyard

Move on the wheels
Combining the sturdy material and flexibility of moving on wheels, our pizza oven can not only shuttle freely in the backyard to serve all the guests all around but also be very convenient to move along to the camping or be strong enough to hook up to the trailer for a long journey. And because of its versatility for bread making, BBQ, grilling, broiling, or smoking more than baking pizza, you literally have a mini kitchen beside wherever you go!

Warranty 2 Years
Fuel Type Wood Fuel
Cooking Zone 25.1"x29.5"
Pizza Size ≤16"
Heating Time 5 Minutes
Material Stainless Steel #430
Package Net Weight 62kg
Product Dimensions 38.6"X31"X78.8"(W*D*H)
Carton Size 39.1X35.8X25.2"
Additional Features Movable wheels, chimney, built-in temperature gauge
Accessories Hook, cutter, scraper, brush,
shovel, firebrick
Package List 1 x Empava Pizza oven,1 x pizza spatula,1 x pizza cutter,1 x pizza shovel,1 x pizza brush,4 x Hooks,and 1 x manual.

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