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Allavino's "Tru-Vino" Temperature Control Technology

Allavino's "Tru-Vino" Temperature Control Technology

After years of research and development, the Allavino team released their latest innovation in temperature control, Tru-Vino. Tru-Vino cooling technology provides the most consistent and constant temperature control of any wine refrigerator on the market. This technology is exclusive to our brand and is changing the wine industry by providing a truly dependable and consistent temperature-controlled environment for preserving wine.

Dedicated wine collectors and professionals have long searched for a wine refrigerator with a truly consistent temperature because of the delicate nature of wines and their sensitivities to temperature fluctuations. 

Out with the old and in with the new

In the past, thermoelectric wine refrigerators were the wine storage standard but the industry quickly moved away from this technology because compressors were more efficient at reaching lower temperatures, were more efficient at cooling in fluctuating ambient temperatures, and could chill larger wine collections.

Engineered to have true consistent temperature control, Tru-Vino is unlike the standard wine refrigerator technology, which cycles between on and off states. Tru-Vino Technology has an adaptable system, which slowly and consistently releases cool air to reach the ideal temperature and slowly stops the release of cool air when the temperature is reached. This consistent temperature maintenance means that there won’t be drastic temperature swings.

When it comes to preserving wine, avoiding harsh temperature transitions is what a wine refrigerator is designed to do but with this advancement in technology, it is further protecting the quality and life of the wines. Tru-Vino Technology prevents even the most minimal fluctuations in temperature, which is extremely important for long-term storage and older vintage wines.

Benefits of Tru-Vino Technology

Besides the consistent temperature control, this technological advancement is also incredibly energy efficient. Due to the gradual and constant cooling system, Tru-Vino Technology draws less energy than industry-standard units. With standard cooling systems, the strict on and off cycle requires more energy because it needs a surge of energy to compensate for the drop in temperature. With a Tru-Vino Cooling System, there is a more consistent and smaller draw of energy and it maintains a constant temperature.

This gentle cooling technology also significantly helps optimize humidity levels, which another essential environmental element in the preservation process of wine. Thanks to Tru-Vino Technology, the consistent temperature throughout the refrigerator also ensures the humidity will also remain constant. This prevents every wine collector’s nightmare, corks drying out and oxygen exposure.

Tru-Vino wine refrigerators also don’t require the fan of the system to run harder in order to cool the entire unit because there is little to no fluctuation in temperature in the first place. This makes these refrigerators some of the quietest on the market.

Additionally, as an environmentally-conscious company, Allavino has moved to a new eco-friendly refrigerant, which has a low ozone depletion potential. This refrigerant combined with Tru-Vino Technology is our way to setting a new high standard for the industry while delivering the absolute best solutions to our customers.

Protecting and preserving your wines

Temperature fluctuations can be the bane of your wine maturation. As wines age, they become increasingly sensitive to temperature changes and even the smallest change in temperature could thwart the preservation process. Tru-Vino Technology is designed to protect delicate wine collections by ensuring the most ideal environment for long-term storage.

Allavino combined Tru-Vino Technology with our Flexcount Technology, which is vibration-dampening racking technology that prevents large and small vibrations from disturbing the sediment in your wines. When the sediment is displaced, wine preservation can be halted and the flavors of your wine will be dulled.

Additionally, to further protect your wines and create the most optimal wine preservation conditions, all Allavino refrigerators have tinted UV protected glass doors. This filters out any harsh rays from sunlight or fluorescent lighting.

Tru-Vino technology is a big step toward perfecting wine preservation and storage but as leaders of the wine industry, Allavino will continue to strive towards more advancements to bring forth innovative solutions for wine preservation.


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